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Working With Cura Is Diffrenet

Cura is a privately held company located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Cura is an emerging startup specialized in being innovative in exploiting unveiled opportunities in healthcare. We have launched the first Telemedicine app in the middle east to enable users to get medical consultations easily from smart phones by communicating with the best known doctors in all specialties. To build this massive platform, we need A-Players who can take Cura to the next level and disrupt this industry. Also, we offer the following benefits :


We offer competitive salaries, yearly bonuses based on performance and medical insurance. We also give you personal allowance for you to spend on gym membership or private schooling

Personal Development

Invest in yourself! From full access to online video training resources (, pluralsight, etc..) to a full coverage for any exams you want to take to obtain professional certifications.

Entrepreneurial Environment

Work closely with the founders of the startup and enjoy an entrepreneurial agile environment where things change quickly and frequently.

Flexible Hours

Different people prefer to work at different hours, so we’ve made sure our working hours are flexible to try to accommodate everyone’s lifestyle.

Experts' Mentorship

Work closely with a chosen member of the senior team to mentor you personally on any technical achievement you would like to reach.

Hack Time

Daily and weekly recreational activities with drinks, snacks and coffee.