د. أحمد فرحات
د. أحمد فرحات

د. أحمد فرحات

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    • I'm a general practitioner with more than a year of experience. Additionally I have expertise in Integrative Cardiology and Hollistic approach to cardiac health which I gained after completing more than 3 months training in some of the best hospitals in the United States of America. I also have extensive experience when it comes to diets, exercise and nutrition as I have worked part time for more than a year advising personal private trainers and fitness models in regards to diet and training. I also have some knowledge and experience when it comes to male and female reproductive health. I haven't yet completed any boards but at the moment I'm completing my US Medical License Examinations.

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    • General Practice

    درست وتدربت بـ

    • Alfaisal University, MBBS '2017

    أنا أزاول مهنة الطب منذ

    • 3 months at Long Island Integrative Cardiology Center 3 months at Tampa General Hospital 2 years at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and many more.

    أنا مشترك بـ

    • American Cardiovascular Life Support American College of Surgeons, Advanced Traumatic Life Support Alfaisal University